Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders tells California he is the one to beat ‘disaster’ Trump

Senator vows to win the state and the nomination and mocks Trump, who denied the drought, as ‘one of the great meteorologists of our age’



Dan Fante: underground writer expressed madness of the US workplace

Dan Fante, who died on on Monday aged 71, was one of the American literary underground’s most significant writers. The author, poet and playwright may not have had the mainstream awards and accolades, yet his worldwide influence was apparent in younger generations of writers inspired by his unflinching depiction of his – and modern American – life.

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My first canvas #painting – What do you think?

So… yesterday I completed my first canvas painting. What do you think?



What is A #Painting – What is #art ? Ilana Raviv Oppenheim #Artwork


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Watching llana’s works causes many things and raises many questions. First comes the impact, which isn’t easy to define, and then the curiosity, for one thing: one can’t remain indifferent while looking at these works.

The external impression is evident: The colors and shapes intermingle and the overall effect is that of a synthetic and different image of reality. Ilana creates without leaving the background neutral; the spaces are as active as the shapes they define. The contrasts of shapes and changing colors are at the same time accurate and seem to flow out of themselves: the thick and the thin, the straight and the curved, the big and the small, emerging into each other and weaving their threads into a peculiar “static” motion… Read more here… 

Merry-Go-Round Acrylic on Canvas 40inX30in 1986

Merry-Go-Round Acrylic on Canvas 40inX30in 1986

Spanish Woman Acrylic on FiberGlass Paper69cm X 56cm 2003

Spanish Woman Acrylic on FiberGlass Paper69cm X 56cm 2003

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Acrylic on Canvas 120cmX100cm 2001

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza Acrylic on Canvas 120cmX100cm 2001


In Ilana raviv’s studio

Contact Ilana Raviv at:

Tel: 972-3-517-0222
Fax: 972-3-641-5363


The studio address:
12 Mahane Yosef St.
Neve Tzedeck, Tel Aviv
Israel 65153

How to Find Your Motivation Again: The Importance of ‘Persisting’ Rather Than #StartingOver


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Crumpled paper balls with notepad and fountain pen

Crumpled paper balls with notepad and fountain pen

“…A few days ago, I was reading an essay by Stephen Jay Gould, Bully for brontosaurus. Reflections in natural history. (Not that I read this kind of essays every day, but for some reason I have always suffered the charm of the subject.) In a chapter of the book, the author was trying to explain why it is very important, and definitely more beautiful, to think of our universe as something that originated gradually — over a continuous time, of which we cannot pinpoint neither the beginning nor the end, while we have the ability to recognize its most interesting or decisive events…” Read more at: huffingtonpost

#Grey’sAnatomy – A shocking episode !!!!


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I was too surprised from last night episode… spoiler alert ! Derek Shepherd is dead… I also asked myself: why ho why !!! and then it came to me:  that’s what makes Grey’s Anatomy so interesting !  it is constantly changing and that is why it has kept going on for so many seasons. If these things didn’t happen it would just be some boring medical show. The drama is what makes the show so perfect! This script was already written, its not like Shonda Rimes made it up on a whim. It took planning and dedication.  It sucks, I bawled my eyes out. But that’s the beauty of Grey’s. It shows that Shonda did her job well. She let you fall in love with the characters. You felt their pain. You cried their tears. You laughed with them. The word “seriously” became your new mantra. Ferry boats became a symbol to you, one that brought on memories of the only and only Dr. Derek Shephard. You became part of the team. So don’t turn your backs now, enjoy the rest because it is such an amazing and well written show…

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Plants can Feel and classical music has influence on plants growth – amazing!!!


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Does classical music has influence on plants growth ?can plans feel?
I Recommend you to read 3 articles about the affects of music on plants with amazing information!

enter the links to read:

I recommend you to listen to classical music and music that makes you feel good. it can make wonders to your energy and inspiration with the natural connection of music and images that comes to your head while you are listening. so… first maybe you can try to see how do you feel with The Best Beethoven has to offer:

#TheBigBangTheory S08E08: “The Prom Equivalency”




Great episode – love this review . enter the link to read more…

Interview with Stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton


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One Room With A View


12 Rounds is the latest feature from One Room With A View as we celebrate the talent behind the blockbuster action we see on screen. From military advisors to stunt performers, we’re going  12 rounds with all these unsung heroes to find out their love, life and stories from their profession. Our first entry is a multi-award winning stunt man who has worked with the biggest names in the biggest movies. He’s hammered the Hulk, battled Bane and tackled traitors. He’s Bond, Batman and a blonde demi-God. Bobby Holland Hanton is Hollywood’s go-to stunt double and it’s clear to see why.

1. What was your background before becoming a stunt performer, and how did you get into the industry?

3 Bobby

“My background is [in] gymnastics. I started gymnastics when I was 4.  I gave up competing in Men’s Artistic Gymnastics when I was 17, then I started playing semi-pro football. Gymnastics was certainly…

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What’s Your Writing Routine?


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Do you have a routine for writing? A way of doing it which has become habit and which you know will get the best out of you? I was thinking about this having read a recent article on the subject.

Many famous writers seem to have these habits. I think the reason is that, to write a novel you need to get your backside on the chair and your fingers on the keyboard – regularly and for long periods of time, just to get the work done. I know only too well that novels don’t write themselves.

Murakami_Haruki_(2009)Here’s what the brilliant Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami had to say on the subject in an interview:

“When I’m in writing mode for a novel, I get up at four a.m. and work for five to six hours. In the afternoon, I run for ten kilometers or swim for fifteen hundred meters (or do…

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