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One brilliant mind named Anderson Cooper wrote the book Dispatches From The Edge. the book is a powerful memoir of his private life that brought him to be what he is today – a professional journalist that is always there, where news happens. This book offers an unstinting, up-close view of the most harrowing crises of our time like Hurricane Katrina, the Tsunami, Somalia, Niger and Iraq with stream of consciousness like recollections of his father, his brother and his mother. Cooper reveals how deeply affected he has been by the wars, disasters, and tragedies he has witnessed, and why he continues to be drawn to some of the most perilous places on earth.

 Dispatches from the Edge is unforgettable. it takes us behind the scenes of the cataclysmic events of our age and allows us to see them through the eyes of one of the world most trustful, fearless and brilliant reporters.