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Israelis go to the polls, ending three-month election campaign

Millions of Israelis cast their vote in one of approximately 1,000 polling stations spread across the country. In this election, for the first time, the public will be able to follow the counting of ballots in real-time on the government’s Memshal Zamin website, or using a special cell phone app. An estimated 85 percent of the ballots will be counted overnight, with the rest counted on Wednesday. After all the votes are counted, the Central Elections Committee will publish the results.

Are we “smarter” or just well-informed? Could there be so much information now that we have to be careful what we read and make sure the source is reliable? When people tell you not to bother to go to the polls to vote for someone you know is going to lose; don’t listen to them. Every Vote Counts. Without any one of them, a big change will not happen! Every one of the candidates is making a significant contribution to the race. Voters can’t reward every candidate with victory, but they are smart enough to reward them with tactical significance, if they do a good job.  It pays attention to listen to what every one of them says in the privacy of  your home and then decide for who are you going to vote and why.

Why vote? It’s the ONLY way to have your point of view be measured. If you sit out, you sit silent. Don’t do it! if you don’t vote, you have absolutely zero credibility complaining about the ‘way things are’ until the next elections. “We should vote because it’s our history too. if we don’t narrate the world who will? People have DIED for this right, in the past in USA, currently in other countries. How can we not vote? So Israelis wherever you are- go to vote and make a change !

Peres promoting voting: Israeli president launches Facebook campaign encouraging voters: