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As someone who works for years in the television filed,

three of them as a playout supervisor in one

of the main commercial  TV channels in Israel.

I watched nonstop TV “Junk”, TV commercials and lots of news.

The news is mostly news that brings good rating:

generally not good news

that highlight the suffering, war, hatred ,etc…

They grind the same item about a million times

And scares the “innocent” audience.

Innocent because they do not watch television critically

And literally gets the viewpoints of the journalists

as an absolute truth, with a certain vibe

as if a war is going to happen pretty soon.

I have not done a survey but I’ve seen quite a few

Adults \ elderly in a serious anxieties.

Even if there will be a war,

Is it good for you live in a dark place

of  an Anxiety until  the war comes ?

I try not to watch the news or TV commercials

And select the content I watch carefully.

sometimes I meditate to clear and clean

the energy in myself and my environment ,

After watching  series with Bad vibes

like Murder and Hospitals,

or after I feel a bit obsessive about a certain series

and even begin to dream about it.

there is enough drama in my life Without television.

I Strongly recommend to stop watching the commercial channels ,

Take out  from your TV watch list the programs with content marketing

And beliefs that no longer serve you in your life.

Recently I tell myself that maybe I should

clean the rejection from news  if I start work there,

Maybe that way I can change something in the system.

Anyway, I think freedom of choice is wide with awareness.

Maybe with awareness you can choose less evil,

heaviness and bad vibes that can enter to your life.

Some might say I’m living in “Lala Land” and that I ignore reality

But I feel good and that’s what important to me.

who is the one to say what is the reality ?

The reality is in the eyes of the observer.

I have enough things I’m sad about,

sometimes I even take things out of proportion,

but ask for a different perspective

and I find it in myself or I accept it mysteriously from the universe.

I pay attention and observe myself and the environment.

The  awareness is a wonderful thing.

sometimes overflow of information that Purports

to be objective can be harmful to your health

And raises the anxiety for no reason.

I became an Internet consumer

that chooses the content that I watch.

sometimes I even watch reality shows online.

In Israel the TV series online are almost without commercials,

I mute the audio of the video commercials that are there,

I recognize the manipulations in the content

And closes the screen when it’s not appropriate for me.

Since I stopped watching the news,

there is Much more pleasant in my life.

And yes, I am part of the media industry,

Which leaves me with uneasy conscience sometimes

And maybe It’s time  to clean it with one more meditation.

we are being fooled by this industry!

Subconscious thoughts and opinions are Transplanted

in us while they seem as if we had invented them.

Perhaps this is a belief of mine,

But I feel that  TV kills my creativity

And prevents me from really- to feel.

When I feel sad or not at my best

I run to watch my favorite series or movie

that makes me feel better.

the monster of marketing content

and transplanted beliefs is very pleasant there ,

But it works on the same principle as news and reality TV shows.

Still, I don’t pretend to say that I don’t watch at all,

because I do, but in a critical perspective.