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“…When Karl Bushby started walking north from Punta Arenas, Chile, pulling a handcart nicknamed the Beast and packed with 100 pounds of supplies, he was a 29-year-old British ex-paratrooper aiming to do something no one had done before: circle the globe on foot. His intended route would take him through the Darién Gap, across the Mojave Desert, over the Bering Strait, through Mongolia and the Middle East and finally back home to England, where he would be reunited with his parents and the son he left behind when the boy was just 5.

Within hours, the Beast fell apart. Within a week, Bushby’s toenails started popping off. He’s survived near-starvation in Patagonia, a dust storm in Peru, brushes with crocodiles and narcoterrorists in Colombia, and a total of 71 days in jail in two different countries. Over 15 years, Bushby, now 44, has covered half the planet… ”

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