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Fuck it. I really had enough from this job search!!!! I don’t want a job!!! I want to chill out in my life and enjoy it. Can anyone offer me this way of life? Of course with a monthly Cash flow in to my bank account, enough to pay my bills and enjoy life. I want to achieve Economic well-being in an easy and simple way. The word “job” is already a problem for me… why can’t people call it something ells, like Maybe we should call it ‘The Purpose that you are Destine to do’, ‘your love’, ‘one of the meaningful things that you are meant to do, earn a lot of money from it and enjoy when you are doing it’. It’s not supposed to be a jobbbb but an enjoyable way of life!!! You shouldn’t suffer in life unless you are enjoying your suffering… life supposed to be easy and fun. We should only do things that makes us happy and fulfill, and yes we can make it happen. No one should compromise unless you feel good with the compromises that you made.

I am asking the universe to listen and help me to make it happen: I want to live my life to the fullest in all fields: financially, romantically, socially and more and more fields in my life that I didn’t even think about. I want to live the optimal life for me in all fields. I can get it all and I am getting it all. Thank you.