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I was too surprised from last night episode… spoiler alert ! Derek Shepherd is dead… I also asked myself: why ho why !!! and then it came to me:  that’s what makes Grey’s Anatomy so interesting !  it is constantly changing and that is why it has kept going on for so many seasons. If these things didn’t happen it would just be some boring medical show. The drama is what makes the show so perfect! This script was already written, its not like Shonda Rimes made it up on a whim. It took planning and dedication.  It sucks, I bawled my eyes out. But that’s the beauty of Grey’s. It shows that Shonda did her job well. She let you fall in love with the characters. You felt their pain. You cried their tears. You laughed with them. The word “seriously” became your new mantra. Ferry boats became a symbol to you, one that brought on memories of the only and only Dr. Derek Shephard. You became part of the team. So don’t turn your backs now, enjoy the rest because it is such an amazing and well written show…

to read more about  last night episode enter the link:  http://www.ew.com/article/2015/04/24/greys-anatomy-derek-shepherd-death-tribute-video